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Synthetic Leather Division

A Modern & Ecological Alternative to Natural Leather


ATS has established it self as a leading member of synthetic leather industry. High quality standards as well as the aesthetic identity of materials have helped the Company to create products which are easily identifiable. ATS leather is the essence of shoe, soccer ball and sports goods industry and is playing a vital role in boosting exports of Pakistan.


PVC Leather


PVC leather is the core product that ATS is manufacturing ever since 1968 until today. ATS possesses high level of expertise in PVC leather and has always kept the lead in the market. Wide range of materials specifically designed for different applications are produced.


PU Leather


Made from Coagulation Process we produce high quality PU materials that give feel, look & properties similar to real leather. Innovation and flexibility with the commitment to provide customers 'the best' has made us a key player in the international market. Today many illustrious multinational footwear, automotive and sports goods corporations use ATS materials.


Keeping abreast of fashion trends, market conditions and love of detail keep our ranges always up to date and appealing. Our materials over these years have made a dominant feature for fashion footwear, bags, wallets & accessories. 


Products complying international standards; EN-71, ASTM-F963, Low Phthalates, heavy metal free, azo free can also be met. We can also produce materials for varied application properties such as cold temperature resistant, fire retarding, UV, anti-static.


Characteristics of Synthetic Leather over Real Leather     

  • Good low temperature flexibility
  • fast and flexible adoption
  • low surface density
  • leather like touch
  • high resistance to abrasion
  • high resistance to impact
  • cheaper than real leather
  • unlimited availability
  • high quality consistency
  • breathable
  • easy maintenance
  • availability in large sizes
  • environmentally friendly production


End Products

  • Footwear : Shoe lining, shoe uppers
  • Fashion : Garments, bags, gloves, accessories
  • Interior : Upholstery and furniture
  • Sports goods : Balls, boxing gloves, punching & sports bags.
  • Automotive : Interior and technical articles


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